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Returning to Work During the Coronavirus

For the past few months, COVID-19 has completely warped the world’s idea of “normal”. Graduations were postponed, vacations were cancelled, and millions of Americans found themselves unable to return to work as a safety measure. As each state reopens with new guidelines, each workplace must adjust their own policies for the COVID-19 as well. Employers still need to prioritize the health and safety of employees, but what does that look like in “the new normal”?

First and foremost, each state has its own policies and requirements in place; these are unique and always subject to change. Make sure to comply with your state’s rules before moving forward with your company’s individual plans.

Before employees return to work, prepare the workplace with these steps:

  • Implement policies to monitor and respond to employees' symptoms

  • Sanitize the premises and all frequently touched surfaces

  • Stock the restrooms with hand soap, paper towels, hand sanitizer, and other necessary supplies

  • Arrange the office in a socially distanced manner

Protecting personnel from COVID-19 is a constant affair; employers should strive to practice the following tips:

  • Continue frequent cleaning and sanitizing

  • Screen employees for symptoms, and allow them to stay home if they feel unwell

  • Require or encourage face masks in the workplace

  • Allow for social distancing by reducing visitors and in-person meetings

Though it may seem that society is returning to normal, we are still operating amidst a pandemic. It is important to prioritize worker health and safety as we fall back into our regular routines. By following the above recommendations, employers can continue their operations in the face of uncertainty.

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