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Our transportation, warehouse, and logistic compliance division has a prime focus on the Department of Transportation (DOT) and its regulatory programs. Adhearing to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA);  RCI’s qualified experts provide the DOT governed companies safe, fast and accessible transportation methods and guidance.  These safety methods comply with the government standards, which promote companies' efficient business practices.


Our written DOT & FMCSA programs are both guidance programs and compliance programs.   We cover topics including Hazardous Material Handling, Fleet Safety, to Labeling.  


We have DOT & FMCSA expert consultants that have the knowledge to get your fleet programs heading in the right direction.


All motor carriers must comply with all FMCSA regulations and the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1986.a


Our Logistical compliance division with prime focus on the Department of Transportations' regulatory programs. RCI’s expertise allows DOT connected companies to ensure safe, fast & accessible transportation methods to comply with government standards, which promotes companies' safety & efficiencies.  


Risk Consultants of America offers a number of online training courses to ensure compliance with Department of Transportation (DOT) and the FMCSA guidelines.


Whether your team is sending, shipping or receiving hazardous materials, make sure that they understand how to handle them properly, preventing potentially dangerous and expensive accidents.


Has your company or clients

kept up with proper DOT/FMCSA 

inspections, repair and maintenance?


Every motor carrier, its officers, drivers, agents, representatives, and employees directly concerned with the inspection or maintenance of commercial motor vehicles must be knowledgeable of and comply with the FMCSA Regulations - 49 CFR Parts 396.1.  

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