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We provide compliance documents as part of our take on a creative safety manual program approach. In addition, our comprehensive on-site support services a variety of company needs, from OSHA to loss control services.


SafetyBox Program

The SafetyBox is a modular safety manual comprised of various programs & documents that are meant to be used on a day to day basis rather than just a binder that sits on a shelf.


  • Unify all base compliance documents into one universal and customizable SafetyBox


  • Ability to host core safety/ compliance documents but remain flexible enough to be able to fit the needs of all our clients and their locations.  



Our SAHMS are written by Ex-OSHA Inspectors & CSPs to comply with current legislation and regulations...

Safety SAHMS: Each “SAHMS” can be used individually or customized into our SafetyBox or your current safety manual.  


Core Topics: 
a.       General policy
b.       Employee handbook
c.       New hire package
d.       Accident investigation
e.       Compliance OSHA 10


*Customized “SAHMS” per need. 

Example: Forklift Safety, production best practices, Driver Safety, etc., can be added because you have a specific need for the program.  


Standards OSHA Training

Forklift Training & Certificates


General Industry

10/30 Hour

First Aid CPR Training Certifications

OSHA Construction 10/30 Hour

Oil & Gas Safety Training

DOT + FMCSA Compliance & Maintenance

Insurance + Loss Control Services

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