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Military Drones Used For ELD Mandate

A shocking development over the weekend, as FreightWaves has learned of a top-secret FMSCA military drones enforcement program. The program, "Pigs in Space", takes after the MQ-1 Predator program.

An anonymous Department of Transportation employee told FreightWaves of an FMCSA commissioner overheard expressing concern early last year. Apparently, the publicly disclosed April 1 “hard enforcement” policies did not go far enough.

Reportedly, there were issues pertaining to owner-operators and small fleets who “haven’t been getting the message about our zero tolerance policy when it comes to hours-of-service violators.” Simply putting the hours of service terrorists out of commission was clearly not enough, the commissioner said. He felt that safety regulators must consider eliminating the threats through force.

According to sources, the moment a driver runs out of hours and continues to drive, a command center deep in the Nevada desert receives a notification from the ELD. Drones hovering above the interstate highway system are suddenly taken off standby mode and piloted remotely toward the H.O.S. violator.

The ELD’s GPS pings help guide the drones to their targets. Drivers, unfortunately, receive no advance warning of an incoming missile. There is an expectation massive supply chain disruptions in the United States beginning on April 1st as thousands of exploding trucks clog the roadways.

What can YOU do to avoid this problem? It seems there is only one answer...

April Fools!

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