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Dangerous Jobs: America's Most Deadly Occupations

Every occupation includes serious risks, and some are quite easy to recognize. Construction workers fall from staggering heights, farmers use dangerous machinery, and fishers drown. These are some of the discernible risks from what we perceive to be the most dangerous jobs in America.

But there are certainly other risks across other occupations, even though they may be tougher to determine. The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, which covers all the ways in which worker fatalities occur, across all applicable occupations.

We have incorporated this data into the simple chart below, in an effort to educate workers about how to minimize the possibility of death, even under dangerous jobs.

Construction appears to be, far and away, the most dangerous job in America. The possibility of slipping from a steel beam hundreds of feet off the ground is undoubtedly terrifying. However, it is an unfortunate possibility of working in the construction industry.

Those in the finance and insurance industries face the least risk of workplace fatality, but the possibility of a workplace shooting or building fire certainly exists.

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